Our Story

Foresta Maestro online Studio creates durable European residential furniture with luxurious hardwood varieties. The style of our interior solutions help our customers to design and shape their home space.
It is tailored to encourage people to start their new family traditions.

Stay inspired with Foresta Maestra. Be the first to catch up with the latest interior design trends. Our designers analyze the most innovative and empowering tendencies. This gives us the opportunity to create our products mindfully and share the comfort and elegance with you.



In this ever-changing time, our homes have become a combination of offices, mini-gyms, and culinary places. Future trends are shaped by what people crave now. Yet, an unshakable urge for warmer tones and coziness stays through time. For this reason, solid wood furniture is the most flexible choice one can make. Whether it is a little desk for your home office or a terrace chair for your perfect balcony, solid wood furniture solves it all.

We will surely see more and more combinations of the modern style and some traditional elements in the future.Home is the place where people feel safe and comfortable. So when you are willing to chase all the trends, be careful and keep your home’s authenticity safe. Our way of crafting balances in between the needed innovations for a better living and the durable comfort to feel like home.