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Premium European Solid Wood Furniture


Premium European Solid Wood Furniture

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Premium European Solid Wood Furniture

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Timeless design and quality that make a statement

Foresta Maestro online Studio creates durable European residential furniture with luxurious hardwood varieties. The style of our interior solutions help our customers to design and shape their home space. It is tailored to encourage people to start their new family traditions.


Dreamed space

Wood has long been recognized thebasic /main raw material used in furniture construction. Known not only for thewarmth it gives but also for many other good reasons of practical importance. Just run your hand along with the beautiful solid woodtables and cabinets and feeland enjoy the structure beyond time.

  We believe that furniture mustbe both sustainable and durable. That's why compromise is not an option. We useonly solid oak, that’s why our products stay unaffected with time. Ourinnovative construction techniques help us craft furniture, perfect for fulfillingyour dreamed space. The exceptional design of our furniture will bring cozinessand comfort to any home.


Furniture Market Trends

Stay inspired with Foresta Maestra. Be the first to catch up with the latest interior design trends. Our designers analyze the most innovative and empowering tendencies. This gives us the opportunity to create our products mindfully and share the comfort and elegance with you.

In this ever-changing time, our homes have become a combination of offices, mini-gyms, and culinary places. Future trends are shaped by what people crave now. Yet, an unshakable urge for warmer tones and coziness stays through time. For this reason, solid wood furniture is the most flexible choice one can make. Whether it is a little desk for your home office or a terrace chair for your perfect balcony, solid wood furniture solves it all.

What will customers say?

- “ The true style in the process of creating a home comes from theinside. When you are filling the rooms mindfully, they reflect not only yourlifestyle but also the way you feel and most importantly- the way you want tofeel. The latest room decors don’t always meet our deepest desires andaspirations.”

- “Ido my best to design every room the way that fits my family”.

- “Settling down means having not a one-season furniture, it aboutcreating your own traditions”.

- “Iselect materials and furniture in accordance with my taste and preferences.Oak furniture is really durable, easyto maintain, and I can afford it for a reasonable price it has.”

- “Wholewood furniture gives me a feeling ofcomfort and hygge, creates warm & cozy atmosphere”